We just received our orders from a co worker's grandson and we love it so much we wish we had ordered more! Thank you for making such delicious products.
Your popcorn is absolutely amazing. My daughter was excited to sell it and everyone at my work wants more!
I just wanted you to know how much I LOVE your coffee. One bag is just not enough. It was delicious
I recently purchased your popcorn from a fundraiser, it has me hooked, I want to buy more
I will not lie; I have fallen in love with your coffee. Is there any way I can get more? Sincerely, a Certified Coffee Snob
Your popcorn is the Bomb! I love the Jalapeno Cheddar. I’m sad ‘cuz I just finished off the little kernels in the bottom of the bag!
Milk Chocolate Marshmallow is my new FAVORITE THING EVER!!! Good call on that creation!
Hi Crazy Good Popcorn, I’m obsessed with your popcorn! How do I order it for recreational use Ha ha!
I purchased your amazing popcorn from a friend's school fundraiser. I am a local whose family is in love with your popcorn!
Crazy Good Popcorn is exactly what it is described to be: Crazy Good! My girlfriend and I enjoyed the Cheddar Cheddar so much that I contacted the owners of the company.
I recently ordered a couple of bags of your Sweet Butter popcorn from my Nephew through his school. To put it simply, it's the best popcorn I've ever had!
Your popcorn is amazing! My daughter was very excited to reach her goal of selling 10 items this year.
Apparently, your popcorn was a hit and my co-workers are clamoring for more popcorn. Is there any way we can order more?
Thank you so much this is our favorite fundraiser!
Crazy Good Popcorn is one of the best Fundraisers! You won't go wrong teaming with them to fundraise for your group.
We love Crazy Good Popcorn! They were easy to work with and the product was fabulous! The entire process was easy for our school and the students loved the prizes. We are definitely going with Crazy Good Popcorn again!
Dr. Reese
As a parent of Elementary aged boys, it is awesome to come across a school fundraising company that is willing to go the extra mile. Crazy Good Popcorn is just such a company. We had a minor issue with our order (our fault) and they took care of it right away. Not only do they have crazy good popcorn, they also have crazy good customer service
I picked up part 2 of my order today. Thank you so much. Everyone we sold to loves their popcorn and chocolate bark!
The Popcorn was Soooo tasty! In fact, after most of our customers received their popcorn they wanted to order more. The process was easy and quick!!!
FC Warriors
Las Vegas
This spring was our third time using Crazy Good Popcorn for our fundraising needs. The quality of the popcorn itself is enough to have us continually coming back for more (and more, and more). We appreciate all the hard work and superior customer service.
Elite Las Vegas Wildcats
For those of you looking for a great fundraiser, please consider Crazy Good Gourmet Popcorn. I have tried tons of different brands of flavored popcorn. This is like none other. The popcorn is popped fresh to order. The white chocolate pretzel is to die for. And the best part, Steve and Dianne Krupp are local people who are amazing. They are so supportive and willing to take the time to add a personal touch.
High School Choir Director
The name says it all, it’s Crazy Good Popcorn. I was not expecting the overwhelming response that we got from parents during our fundraiser. They love the product.
PTA President
BEST. SCHOOL. FUNDRAISER. EVER. This is by far the best popcorn, I’ve ever tried. Finally – a school fundraiser selling a product I do not buy out of obligation! A product I do not want to throw away! I can’t get enough of this popcorn! Price is more than fair, popcorn is beyond delicious, and it’s made right here in Las Vegas!
Way easy to sell! Flavors terrific and once you do it – people remember and will buy from you year after year! You cannot go wrong with this and Dianne and Steve make it so simple and work with you each step of the way! Get ready to roll in the money!
English Instructor
We have held fundraisers with Crazy Good Popcorn every Spring. The popcorn is truly crazy good. We have families asking us when the popcorn sales are starting months before our scheduled fundraiser!
PTO President
I just got the Crazy Good Popcorns, and tasted the jalapeno and others – OMG, they’re so good, none of us can stop eating! Listen, I’ll probably overdose on the popcorn (good God, it’s good), but I don’t care.
Crazy Good Popcorn is an amazing fundraiser!! Not only is the popcorn fantastic, but Dianne and Steve are awesome!!! Their customer service is second to no one and they stand behind their product. If you’re looking for an opportunity to raise funds at your school I highly recommend Crazy Good Popcorn. “
Alison B
JHS Band Director
We were very pleased with our recent Popcorn Fundraiser. They were very organized and professional with everything that they did. The gourmet popcorn that is sold is the very best! We have had only great reviews from parents and staff regarding the quality and taste of the popcorn. We actually had parents asking when we were going to sell it again. I would recommend them for your next fundraiser.
Office Manager
This was our first year trying Crazy Good Popcorn as a fundraiser for our school. I was very impressed with the organization and attention to detail. Then our parents received their product and that’s when it went crazy! Immediately, we were asked when we would host this fundraiser again.
Office Manager ES
Crazy Good Popcorn is one of the best school fundraisers out there! The flavors of the popcorn are so amazing! Dianne and Steve make everything so easy and the fundraiser practically runs itself.
PTO President, Charter School
I opened the Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel and have died and gone to heaven! So glad the PTA chose this fundraiser instead of the usual ones. Will definitely be spreading the word about your awesome popcorn!
The owners of Crazy Good Popcorn were amazing and very helpful. I thought I was short two bags of popcorn from the 35 items we had ordered from my son’s school, so I emailed Crazy Good Popcorn. I was immediately contacted and asked where they could meet me to drop off the missing items, which they did that same day. Low and behold it was MY mistake, I forgot that I had already delivered those bags to my Father! They told me not to worry about the replaced items and just enjoy them ourselves. What incredible customer service!
One of my coworkers purchased popcorn from one of our regulars. Unfortunately, the person told us their Fundraiser had ended. I had a taste and I’m hooked!
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